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Object: letter of introduction.

METAL s.n.c. is present on the metal structural work’s market (light and medium-side carpentry) since 1984, activities go off to present factory in Mirabello Monferrato (AL) Italy, this enterprise liquidated one’s investiments during the time for technological improvement of production settors: equipment of cut with plasma c.n.c., equipment of cut with laser c.n.c., bendings press c.n.c, metal punches, shearing machines, machines to saw with steel strip, radial drills, calenders, electrode welders, continuous wire, tig.

In the forefront for the building of metal frames (carrying and sideline) for industrial and civil edifices, industrial warehouses, storehouses, intermediate floors, decks, fire escapes and services, footbridges, simple/compost and reticular beams, conveyer belts, hoppers, pipelines and reservoirs, general frames.

The quality, the service and the timeliness consented to excute with collaboration with other enterprises at the same sector the achievement of significant work order such as equipment to mix the cement, equipment of grinding, equipment to extract the grave.

During the time, this enterprise specialized in achievement of Screen Room (Box of Faraday) to measure of complete and parzial discharges, medium and high tension furnished key in hand, planning, building and assembly, in the specific:

With the partnership:
Factory Lexan-Latina room HT measures mt. 14x10XH 7
Factory Prysmian Group-Pignattaro room HT measures mt. 14x12xH 7
Factory Prysmian Group- Abbeville-USA room HT measures mt. 22x19xH 15
Factory Prysmian Group-Abbeville-USA room HT measures mt. 12x15xH 6
Factory Revalco-Sovico (MB) room for proof for electrical motors measures mt. 6x4xH 3,2
Factory Dupont-Meyrin (Ginevra) room for proof for electrical motors measures mt. 3x3XH 2,85
Factory Prysmian Group-Rybinsk-Russia room HT measures mt. 22x19XH 15