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METALDUE S.r.L. born the end of 2007, such as a trade enterprise. It has a primary target to supply own customers with products with excellent relation between quality and price, satisfying varied requirements.

It can supply some particularities for a machine such as small cushions and supports (SKF-KOYO-FAG) V-shaped belts spa and polyvip ( DAYCO-GOODYEAR) organ of transmission, having a partner some qualified enterprises in the mechanical working with avant-guarde equipping e equipment. It can supply some particularities on the drawing such as pulleys, shaft, compressing of refrigeration, electric motors 220V-380V, motors, etc.

It has a supplied warehouse with raw screws, galvanized and inox acting 8.8 and 10.9 including steps end 1,25 and 1,5; it can supply a turndown service packs on the specification of customers. It can supply bags with various quality measures and measures of pieces including nuts and washers, facilitating the operator during assembly.

It counts among own customers leading companies in the refrigerated transport sector of food and pharmaceuticals products, supplying groups clamping motor for compressor refrigeration unit power, ducts and collection condensate drip cold storage.

Making use of highly qualified personnel, it can supply to answer a changing market, supplying advice and alternatives of products to keep a good competitiveness.